21 September 2022

Science of War

Tim Sweijs

Clara Maathuis

Ralph Savelsberg

8pm · Tim Sweijs, Clara Maathuis & Ralph Savelsberg
7.30pm · w o l k e  live
mod. · Linda Drijvers
* * * * *
September 21st · 7.30/8 - 10 pm
The Shamrock · Smetiusstr. 17
free admission
in English

The world is warming up,

because of both the unusual weather and the firing of artillery at our very next door. But while the science of climate is on all the news, the studies and crafts behind war often remain hidden. We will discover them together in this Science Café night about the science of war. As it has always been in the history of civilizations, scientific understanding and technological advancements bring societal changes and impact warfare. Today's weapons are different, and so are states' sensitive targets and how wars are won. From the psychology used for training armies and devising tactics to the material science that creates more efficient weapons, science has changed how we think about almost every aspect of war. And we want to stay updated!

For this reason, on the 21st of September, at the Shamrock, the Science Café will bring together three experts, Tim Sweijs (HCSS), Ralph Savelsberg (NLDA) and Clara Maathuis (OU), to talk with us about this compelling theme. Sweijs, an expert in strategy and related innovation with an eye on the 'future of war', will introduce us to the topic and give examples of the multifaceted sciences of war. Savelsberg, physicist, specializes in guided weapons and ballistic missile warfare and will talk to us about how missile defense works. Maathuis researches military cyber security and will bring us up to speed about cyber warfare, discussing defense policies and the use of AI in modern systems.

To cool down the spirits while keeping the souls warm, w o l k e will perform their musical poetry throughout the night to create a peaceful atmosphere of scientific discussion.

Linda Drijvers

w o l k e