23 May 2022

Neuromorphic Computing

the power of brain-inspired technology

Yoeri van de Burgt

Johan Mentink

8pm · Yoeri van de Burgt (TU/e) and Johan Mentink (RU)
7.30pm · DELT∆TUNE x GAMMARAY live
moderator · Ronald Kleiss
* * * * *
May 23rd · 7.30/8 - 10 pm
The Shamrock · Smetiusstr. 17
free admission (no reservation)
in English

As the limits

of conventional computing are becoming more evident, scientists are exploring other strategies to process information. Among them, neuromorphic computing is an option with phenomenal potential. Its principles are inspired by the idea that our brain can still outperform supercomputers, while using less energy. What are the current approaches and challenges in developing brain-inspired technologies? And which are the future applications and breakthroughs we can expect?
During the Science Café on May 23rd, two leading scientists will introduce us to the most crucial aspects of neuromorphic research. Johan Mentink (RU) will discuss the emerging potential of neuromorphic computing as a candidate to replace the current high-performance computers and the paradigm shift that comes with it. Yoeri van de Burgt (TU/e) will elaborate on his work on the development and implementation of organic neuromorphic devices to approach brain-level performances in dedicated machine learning applications.
Next to these exciting science matters, we'll enjoy the stunning combination of unapologetic electronic music and Lo-Fi visuals, with DELT∆TUNE and GAMMARAY taking Shamrock's stage. Too good to miss!

Ronald Kleiss