17/12 > Creating Life
                              can we build a biological cell?        

                         Wilhelm Huck           Christophe Danelon

While it was long thought otherwise, life is not a magical property some things have and other things don’t. Currently it’s defined as a condition characterized by the potential for growth, functional activity, reproduction, and continuous adaptation preceding death. How did nature manage to materialize this potential? Although we now possess considerable knowledge on the separate molecular building blocks that form the foundation of complex life, it is not yet understood how these components function collectively as a living biological cell. Building an autonomous, self-reproducing synthetic cell represents one of the greatest scientific challenges of the 21st century. Achieving this will not only provide answers to questions such as “how does life work?”, but will likely also set in motion a new technological and societal revolution.
On Monday December 17th in the Science Café Nijmegen, physical-organic chemist Wilhelm Huck (RU, BaSyC) and biophysicist Christophe Danelon (TU Delft, BaSyC) will discuss (in English) the groundbreaking science of synthesizing (cell) life. Wilhelm Huck will elaborate on his research into identifying the crucial steps needed to create from a network of biochemical reactions in a ‘bag of molecules’ a system that we could call alive. Christophe Danelon will provide us insights into his research involving the practical construction of various essential cellular modules. Come enjoy the science and discussion, grab a drink, and let’s bring this night to life!
              Mira Vegter             Gammaray               Deltatune
scientists    Wilhelm Huck (RU), Christophe Danelon (TU Delft)
moderator  Mira Vegter
live music   Deltatune & Gammaray (from 7.30 pm)
time            Monday December 17th 2018, 8.00/7.30 - 10.00 pm
venue         The Shamrock, Smetiusstraat 17 in Nijmegen
admission   free
language    English

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